For a client in this example we recovered a placement fee for an introduction which was made 8 months previously. We established that a back door placement had taken place and subsequently recovered a payment against the original introduction.


Following the introduction and an interview our client was told that their candidate was rejected. Sterling’s work checking our client’s introductions found that the rejected candidate had been employed at a business entity sometime after that, and that the employer was in fact affiliated to the business which the candidate was earlier rejected from.


We pursued the placement as a debt through our usual process, the debtor denying that they had hired the candidate for the company which our client had introduced the candidate. Explaining and educating the debtor, with our deep knowledge of recruitment contract law they began to understand that payment must be made if they wished to avoid litigation. After several discussions the debtor then agreed to pay the full invoice amount and our client was paid the fee they had earned (with additional late payment fees which our client covered our commission fee with).


Our client was impressed how we managed to find and recover this fee for them, considering the introduction was made 8 months prior and to a different business!


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