Our client tried hard with this situation to be flexible and to work with their client but unfortunately you can’t win them all.

  • Recruitment consultant with terms in place, introduced qualified, experienced candidates matching job description requirements perfectly.
  • Several interviews arranged and confirmed and a successful placement follows.
  • Invoice raised which was then not paid on time and became overdue.
  • Candidate left the job a couple of months in.
  • Consultant offers to provide a free replacement in line with their terms, on condition that the overdue invoice is settled immediately. (They did not have to honour this clause, as the debtor had negated it when they did not pay for the original placement on time).
  • Debtor refuses to make payment and refuses to accept the offer of a free replacement, then stops communicating with the consultant.

We collected the invoice for the placement in a short space of time after the consultant got in touch with us looking for assistance. The debtor paid late payment fees on the invoice and our client ended up with enough to cover our no win no fee commission and retain their full invoice value.

paid invoice