Our recruitment sector debt collection staff had a great result for a London based recruiter who contacted us recently after hearing about us through social media.

Our client had a debtor based in Spain they thought they’d try our service with. They had literally written off collecting a settlement from the ex-client of theirs who had refused to make any payment for any amount to them for a placement because the candidate had left the position shortly after starting work.

Reviewing the debt we advised our client they could instruct us to pursue the debtor for 100% of the placement fee and full late payment charges on top (due to the fact that the invoice had not been settled according to the agreed payment terms resulting in the debtor negating their right to the agreed rebate clause) they instead wanted us to collect a settlement according with the rebate period in their terms only.

We approached the debtor the same day as receiving instruction. Using our client’s terms of business, the late payment act and our recruitment sector knowledge we indicated to the debtor why it was in their best interest to accept the offer being made to avoid further escalation and costs. Our approach and conversations with the debtor led to a payment being received within 24 hours.

As the late payment fees collected for our client provided them with enough additional payment to cover our no win no fee commission entirely, they are very happy!

For more information about recruitment debt collection visit: recruitmentdebtcollection.com


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