UK, EU and International Business Debt Recovery – Specialists in Recruitment Sector

Debt Recovery:

Sterling Debt Recovery has been collecting debts for recruitment agencies since 2007. Since then the sector has become the main focus of our debt collection business with our specialist collection agents dedicated solely to collecting for recruitment agency clients. We work with over 250 agencies, as and when needed, on a commission only basis. Our clients range from sole traders to $1.5bn turnover multi-nationals.

Back Door Hire Placements:

A growing issue for the recruitment sector is that of missed fees due to back door hire placements. Sterling has developed HireChecker, our back door hire discovery system. HireChecker allows agencies to automatically monitor and track down back door hire instances quickly and cost effectively. If the customer refuses to pay for the engagement then Sterling are able to collect in our Debt Recovery service.

Weaknesses in sales process or terms of business can create loopholes, allowing disreputable customers to avoid payment. Sterling can assist by providing advice on process, and by tightening up your agreements to put you in best standing to achieve full payment.

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What our clients say

Sterling have been able to collect from customers who we never thought would pay. They understand our business and our contractual terms so they can deal with our debtors in a professional and knowledgeable way.

‘I have used Sterling on more than one occasion and I have found the service to be both quick and effective. The debts I placed were recovered in full in addition to our costs. On that basis I would recommend Sterling to anyone seeking a swift collection of an outstanding debt.’